5 Reasons to Relocate to the South

For those of us who live in the South, it’s more than just NASCAR, BBQ and mosquitoes. With mild temperatures, spacious homes, inexpensive living, and unlimited scenic getaways, there’s lots to love south of the Mason Dixon. Read on to learn why so many Northerners are fixin’ to move down South–and why you should consider it, too.

1. Affordability

If you’re spending insane amounts on housing, utilities, and taxes up North–and without a decent closet to show for it–you may want to consider more affordable Southern living. Simply put, your money goes further down here, ya’ll. 

Cost of living in the South is a huge draw for new graduates, young families and retirees looking to stretch their dollar without losing on luxury. If you’re making a $100k salary in New York City, you’ll only need to earn $40k a year to maintain the same standard of living in Atlanta, GA–that’s nearly 60% less! Everything from housing, to childcare, to dining, is less expensive in the South. And don’t forget the commuting costs: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina boast some of the cheapest gas in the nation.

Consider the Upstate gem, Greenville, South Carolina, in which we are based. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville is a growing hotspot featuring those coveted big-city amenities without the crowded, urban annoyances or price tags. Its bustling downtown touts culinary masters, trendy boutiques, innovative start-ups, and even waterfalls!


Falls Park in Greenville, SC

But why move to Greenville, SC? Like many thriving Southern cities, this family-friendly city boasts booming jobs and businesses, spacious homes, quality schools, scenic getaways, tight-knit communities, and high-end neighborhoods. In Greenville, SC, you’ll find one of the country’s most affordable markets for home buying; plus, SC boasts the fourth-lowest property taxes in the country. In fact, it continues to rank as one of the best places to live in the South–not to mention, one of the top 50 cities nationally!

Ready to explore homes for sale in Greenville? Turn to one of the most trusted real estate companies in Greenville with Wilson Associates Real Estate. Our relocation experts are ready to make your Southern dreams a reality.

2. Better Weather

Ready for warmth in the winter? Sick of shoveling snow? Bless your heart. While Southern summers are hot, the fall and winter months will make your Northern friends green with envy. And let’s not forget: the South boasts some of the sunniest days in the country. Hello, much-needed Vitamin D!

The South will occasionally experience short-lived snow or a wintry mix, but most Southern states rarely see lasting freezes during the winter months. Winter temperatures tend to hover between 40º-60º (depending on elevation), generally requiring little more than a heavy fall jacket. In other words, more opportunities for year-round, outdoor fun!

As for those dog days of summer, we know they can be sticky and hot-hot-hot. Thankfully, we boast some of the best coastlines in the country, making it easy to stay cool in the heat. And you may just find yourself investing in a pool cleaner instead of a snow-blower. Not a bad swap, we say.

3. More S-P-A-C-E

Southern cities tend to rest inland and boast smaller populations than their big-city, coastal counterparts, which means more room to expand! It’s no surprise that you’ll find bigger homes on larger lots in the South. Not only will your money go further, but there’s plenty of space upon which to build.

Those extra square feet can prove extremely useful with a growing family or a sudden spike in work-from-home hours, as with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. With the US median list price of a house averaging $226k, Southern states still boast a low cost per square foot, so you get more house for less money. 

It’s more than bigger yards: you’ll also find less traffic and congestion on roads, more green space and open land, sprawling suburbs with friendly neighbors and kid-friendly parks, and boundless new residential and commercial development. 

It’s hard to avoid the appeal of the South, especially when compared to Northern commutes and crowds. But with Southern home sales rising for the fourth consecutive month in the fall, it’d be wise to explore your housing options now. Much like the South, the market is hot!

4. Getaways Galore

It’s easy to forget just how accessible the Southern states can be, but we live where you vacation. No matter where you live in the South, we have easy access to coveted coastlines, mountain ranges, lakes, and bustling cityscapes for easy weekend getaways and peaceful nature retreats. 

Hit up Tennessee for stunning Smokey Mountain views; Florida for year-round coastal living; and Dallas for some urban charm. Do you seek outstanding hiking and camping without the long drive? Check out the countless National Forests, Trails and State Parks just a short drive from nearly any Southern city.

We’re also jam-packed with some of the most historic and charming cities in the country, such as Williamsburg, VA, Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA. If Civil War or pre-war history makes you swoon, you’ll be delighted by the oodles of battlefields, memorials, and forts that scatter the Southern landscape.

5. The FOOD

We saved the best for last. It’s unlikely you’ll find cuisine this amazing and diverse anywhere else in the country. From African-American soul food, to Caribbean and Native American flavors, and good ole’ staples like barbecue, fried okra, pulled pork, shrimp and grits, and collard greens, the South is a foodie paradise. 

Typically, cities like Nashville, Charleston and New Orleans come to mind when you think of the best Southern fare. However, culinary masters all over the South are making their mark (and adding their unique twist) to traditional dishes. Spots like Atlanta (GA), Greenville (SC), Asheville (NC), Houston (TX), and Birmingham (AL), are consistently making high marks for spectacular food scenes. If you seek a gastrointestinal adventure, look no further!


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