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While Wilson Associates turned seven this past year, our leadership and most of our realtors have called Greenville and the Greater South Carolina Upstate home for decades. As Greenville SC realtors of distinction, we know that having a successful Greenville SC real estate agency means more than just selling houses. Owning and operating any prospering business in Greenville means, at least for us, taking a proactive role in supporting the communities in the Upstate that have supported us. 

Over our short history as a premier Greenville SC real estate agency, we have donated our time, money, and resources to a number of nonprofit and charitable organizations in the Upstate. Some the organizations we support are nationally-recognized (i.e. the Blue Ridge chapter of The Boy Scouts of America, the American Red Cross of Upstate South, and the YMCA, among others), while others are particular to Greenville (Rebuild Upstate, Greenville’s Artisphere Festival, and the Greenville County Museum of Art).

We pride ourselves not only on the number of our philanthropic endeavors, but on the diversity of the organizations we support. Greenville’s annual Artisphere festival, for instance, enhances the cultural and economic vitality of our community, while Rebuild Upstate focuses on helping financially-disadvantaged families make necessary repairs to their homes, thus avoiding homelessness.

Wilson Associates takes a holistic approach to community engagement in Greenville. We believe that every aspect of our community—from our championing the arts to giving a helping hand to those in need—should be nurtured. A community, a city, only thrives when its business community takes an active interest and gives back in as many ways as they can.

With this philosophical outlook, Wilson decided to become a $10,000 “Master Distiller” Concert Sponsor for a local charity event concert, under the direction of the Medicinal Whiskey Charity. While we have sponsored other Greenville charity events, this one, in particular, spurred Wilson’s charitable spirits (pardon the pun). 

The Medicinal Whiskey Charity began in 2018, when bourbon enthusiasts from the Carolinas completed a trip across the country to buy barrels from historically-recognized distilleries. Returning home with two superlative barrels of aged bourbon, these bourbon lovers decided that they should put their found treasures to work for the benefit of communities in North and South Carolina.

Deciding to auction off bottles from these barrels and donate the proceeds to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation marked the beginning of the Medicinal Whiskey Charity.  Coinciding with the 2021 holiday season, the Medicinal Whiskey Charity also has created a sweepstakes where 15 winners will receive an aged bottle of Four Roses whiskey. The proceeds from these sweepstakes will be used to fund the “Shop with Doc,” hosted by the Burn Foundation of America in Augusta, GA. 

As one of the top sponsors of the concert, Wilson Associates strongly encourages bourbon lovers and non-bourbon lovers alike to donate money to this worthy cause. After all, you don’t need to be a drinker to donate money to brighten the lives of afflicted children. (P.S. These bottles make great Christmas gifts.) 

The November 6 concert with Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors is just one of the many Greenville charity events that Wilson sponsors every year. Similarly, the Medicinal Whiskey Charity is but one of the many nonprofit and charitable organizations we support. 

As Greenville, SC realtors with a strong philanthropic bend, we will continue to do our part to assist homeowners buy their dream home, but we also want to make sure that communities in the Upstate thrive as well.

Our success as the top realty agency has blessed us with the ability to give help to the less fortunate among us, bring joy to those suffering from serious medical conditions, and help bolster a better, more vibrant, more compassionate and caring Greenville. 

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