Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Home in Greenville, SC in 2021


Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Home in 2021

Like other momentous historic happenings, 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic will be a line in the sand. A touchstone for measuring time and gauging history. A turning point, but at the same time a starting point. A starting point for change across the spectrum of society, from how we view personal protection and health care to the recasting of what work looks like and how we structure our days. The entrance of the “home as hub” concept is in its infancy and will continue to be defined throughout the next decade. Because of this dynamic shift, it might be time to upgrade your home in 2021. Let’s take a look at five reasons to check out homes for sale in Greenville to allow you such an upgrade.

Home as Hub

Like others throughout the world, Greenville residents have adapted to the concept that the home has become the hub of their lives. Pre-pandemic, parents went to offices and children to school, meeting up for a quick dinner at a restaurant followed by evening extracurricular activities. Now, all these activities take place inside the home, making the home an office, school, gym, dining hall, and more. Because so much is now happening at home, we as a society are acclimating to the idea, and it’s a shift that will remain in place long after the pandemic. With this in mind, it’s time to rethink how we use our homes. What spaces do we currently lack? What spaces are we overusing to the breaking point? Take time to map out what spaces would be ideal for your family size and activities both now and in the coming years to determine what your ideal “home as hub” looks like. Do you need two offices, one for each parent? Do the kids need larger rooms to accommodate desks and the appropriate technology setup? Consider a larger yard or an exercise room to replace school recess and the gym or to account for increased family time, which has become more treasured as we’ve walked through 2020. After you’ve mapped out what your family’s needs are, check out homes for sale in Greenville to look for options that might fit your vision.

Work from Home as Priority

If you’re like most people suddenly thrust into the work-from-home life, you’ve more than likely encountered the challenges of finding a “Zoom-friendly” spot for a conference call. A clutter-free corner with lighting that doesn’t render you zombie-like in your sweatshirt and jeans. One reason to upgrade your home might include finding a home for sale in Greenville that offers a dedicated space for work. A survey by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) reveals that both workers and their employers plan to keep the work-from-home trend going long past the pandemic. When looking for your home upgrade, consider space that offers you advantages that your current work-from-home situation might lack. 

  • Privacy – a space that’s set apart from the commotion of the rest of the family. A space with its own entrance is ideal.
  • Quiet – look for a space that has noise-canceling design. 
  • Lighting – your office should have plenty of natural light to provide a flattering video call environment as well as to provide a mood-lifter for long days spent working
  • Storage – you’ll need storage for files, office supplies, and office equipment
  • Comfort – the space should be large enough to avoid feeling cramped, perhaps space for a large table to spread out while working on projects, an oversized desk to house multiple monitors, or a couch to stretch out on during breaks. 
  • Connectivity – think through the space as it relates to technology, what will you need by way of screens, devices, equipment, and WiFi.

New Year, Fresh Start

There’s nothing like a new home in a new year to offer a fresh start. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the items you’ve accumulated, especially during the last nine months. Too much online shopping and too few external activities might have you feeling awash in clutter and climbing the walls, eager for a fresh start. A new home offers that. A blank canvas to paint and decorate to your tastes. A chance to inventory and weed out all your belongings in one fell swoop, moving only what brings joy to a larger space that’s perfect for a home upgrade could get you started on the right foot for 2021. Take a look at Greenville’s luxury homes for sale to see if any inspire you.

New Construction

Taking the concept of a fresh start one step further is the idea of upgrading to a new construction home. It’s the epitome of a clean slate with new carpets, fresh paint, unspoiled appliances, and custom landscaping. After the punches 2020 pulled, the idea of starting completely new sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Greenville has plenty of options for new construction luxury homes.

Current Interest Rates

Interest rates have fallen since 2019, but they are probably headed for a rise. So, take this window of opportunity before interest rates begin to tick back upwards to make a move and upgrade your home. There are plenty of homes for sale in Greenville that would allow you to take advantage of current interest rates before the tide turns. Kiplinger projects that most likely mortgage interest rates have bottomed and will slowly creep upwards.

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