Trends in Greenville Real Estate: Decorating A Luxury Home for the Fall Season

Just because you have a stately, elegant, luxury home doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and have some fun for the Halloween and fall season. It just takes a little thought—and adherence to a few basic rules. As Town & Country magazine advises: “Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t have to mean giving up your sleek design cred—it’s possible to get into the spooky vibe without forfeiting high-brow taste. That’s right, no tacky plastic skeletons and inflatable spiders, here.”

We recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Nick Carlson of Wilson Associates Real Estate in Greenville, South Carolina about some of the techniques he’s observed in Greenville to decorate a luxury home for fall. Read our Q&A with Nick:

Q: Nick, thank you so much for taking the time today. Fall is such a great time of year and so many people want to learn how to decorate their home for the fall season. What advice can you give people trying to decorate an estate or luxury home in Greenville without resorting to discount-store spider webs and cliché plastic pumpkins?

A: Well, first and foremost, have fun! Don’t be afraid to try something new to get yourself in the spirit of the season. Having said that, of course, you definitely want to stay within the general motif and theme of your home and neighborhood. Decorate in such a way that compliments your home, not detracts from it.

Q: Can you give us an example?

A: Take lighting for example. Many people enjoy adding soft orange or green Halloween lights to their porch or exterior façade. Exterior lighting can be beautiful as long as it is in keeping with the overall demeanor of one’s home. Let’s save the strobe lights or flashing ghosts until trick-or-treaters are out in force on Halloween evening to avoid drawing the ire of neighbors.

Q: Are there any ground rules people should follow about how to decorate a home for fall?

A: Simplicity. Less can be more. You don’t have to go over the top to capture the spirit of fall. You don’t need to cover everything with bright orange. Muted earth colors and leaf tones can create the warm glow of fall. And not every pumpkin has to be a Jack-O-Lantern. There’s no rule saying you have to carve them all. Let them be intact. Or even paint them if you have a creative flair. Also, mixing in some greens and whites and add a Southern touch to a luxury home in the Greenville area, and help to add a classic and elegant feel to the exterior of your home. Try a fall assortment of squash and gourds to create an inviting display.

Q: What about wreaths for the doors or windows?

A: A fall wreath can be a wonderful fall accent to your home. The trend lately is to create a rustic and natural design with branches, twigs, and limbs. You can mix in an elegant fall ribbon or colorful leaves to give it warmth. Try to avoid Halloween lights on your wreath if possible (laughs). Just because the kids like it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Q: What other tips do you have for homeowners?

A: Don’t neglect the inside. Although many families focus on the external appearance of the house during the fall and holidays, the inside is equally important—especially if you entertain guests for dinner or throw small get-togethers with neighbors. Just remember that your inside decorations should be subtle and complementary of your décor as a whole. Avoid lots of black and orange. It can be garish and unoriginal. Think instead about utilizing soft fall colors or indigenous wood and plants to create a more naturally sophisticated look for your luxury home.

Q: In closing, do you have any parting advice to inspire homeowners?

A: I would say refer to the experts. Visit local nurseries and boutiques, or read popular home and garden articles who feature fall tips such as the exterior home decorating ideas from Town & Country Magazine, Martha Stewart Halloween decor and costume inspiration, or fall container ideas from Garden & Gun. Or, take a family road trip to a nearby town and do a driving tour through the historic district. Chances are you will find some wonderful inspiration by viewing other luxury homes decorated for fall.

Loving our tips and ideas, or want to get in touch? We’d love to hear how you’re decorating your luxury home for the fall season!

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