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With your friends and neighbors telling stories of homes for sale in Greenville going quickly, it can be tempting to think that a shortage in the Greenville home inventory means you can get a bit lazy about prepping your home for sale. But if you want to sell your house quickly and maximize your profits, it’s important to pay attention to the details. We polled our experienced team of Greenville real estate agents, and they offer their five top tips for how to sell your house quickly.

Create Curb Appeal

The number one tip from our realtors for selling a home quickly is to consider curb appeal. Many times we are so busy cleaning closets and painting baseboards that we forget the first thing a potential buyer sees is the view from the road. As buyers pull in, you want them to see a freshly mowed lawn, weed-free flower beds, and a swept walkway. “Exterior decluttering, yard maintenance (pine needles do wonders!), new paint on the front entryway, and pressure washing are ways to show a home is well maintained,” says broker associate Linda O’Brien.

Realtor Julia Cunningham explains, “The entry of your home is the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up. If things are dirty, rusted, and broken on the outside, they will assume the same of the inside.” 

“Consider fresh mulch and something blooming at the entrance to maximize the wow factor,” adds realtor Susie White.


Decluttering and depersonalizing your interior space enables potential buyers to see themselves in your home. You don’t want your beloved collection of cat figurines to get in the way of someone deciding to purchase your house! Walk into each room with a fresh set of eyes, considering every countertop, tabletop, and shelf through the lens of a potential buyer. It might help to allow no more than a certain number of decorative items per room to make the decluttering process easier.  

“Tidy shelves and counters welcome buyers to see your home’s features instead of your belongings,” says broker Laura McDonald. “When buyers don’t feel overwhelmed by a heavily decorated home and can see themselves living in the home, that helps the home sell fast!”

Invest in Professional Pictures

Take the extra time and expense to hire a professional real estate photographer. Professional pictures help you to distinguish your listing and sell your home quickly. Lighting and angles that professional photographers use offer your home an advantage over other listings. Potential buyers are more likely to include your home on their short list when mapping out a day of house visits.

Light it Up

When you book showings, open the blinds and turn all the lights on before you leave. Realtor Katherine Hall says, “I tell my clients they want their house to look like they’re having a huge party with everyone they know and don’t know attending!”

Broker Carmen Putnam adds, “You want to make a buyer feel they were thought about and prepared for.”

Engage the Senses

When selling your home, think about how you can use smell and sound to help stage it. Put cookies in to bake just before a showing or find a baked-good wax melt plugin. Add fresh scents to hard-working areas such as the garage or attic space that buyers are sure to investigate. 

“Before a showing, turn on soft background music to welcome potential buyers into your home,” says broker Kelly Kommel

When it’s time to sell your home in Greenville, consider these tips for helping it sell quickly. Our team of top-selling realtors has the experience and knowledge of the Greenville market to help you when you’re ready to sell. We’d love to connect with you.

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