Man vs Machine: Real Estate Edition

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What Can You Get from Wilson Associates that You Can’t Get from the Internet?

We use the Internet for everything these days, and real estate is no exception.  Offering plenty of user-friendly real estate sales and advice sites with broad reaches and a wide range of opinions, the web presents a lot of information quickly and easily and puts it right in your lap … and you don’t even have to leave your house.  It’s not a bad way to do a little online window shopping and get some basic real estate information.

When you start to get serious about your search, though, you might find that the Internet can’t do it all.  There’s no doubt that some online real estate sites are popular and powerful, but there’s also no guarantee that size and popularity are always the best guides in decision-making.  That’s especially true for real estate.  

Wilson Associates Agent Linda O’Brien puts it this way:  “Many excited, curious buyers come from other states using online real estate sites as a guide. It’s not a bad place to start, but I remind them that those sites are like middle school students: they know the scoop but not necessarily all the facts.  As an agent, I love the opportunity to guide the buyer through the entire process.  Understanding the market, area, value and benefit of the pockets of upstate SC is a priority in assisting each buyer, especially  in this low inventory market.”  

The web may offer an easy way to browse listings for all sorts of reasons, but at the end of the day, an algorithm can’t replace a person. Our real estate agents know the lay of the land and the people in the community.  We have knowledge and compassion, and we care about you. Simply put, Wilson Associates real estate agents provide value, service, and heart that a website simply cannot.

A website is a program, not a real estate person

At its core, a real estate site is a string of 1s and 0s that present as a marketing site geared toward real estate.  Wilson Associates, on the other hand, is a string of DNA that is very similar to yours.  We are a team of real people.  

At Wilson Associates, our goal is to delight you.  Each Wilson Associates real estate agent wants to know you.  The better we understand what you’re looking for, what you like, and what you don’t like, the better we can help make it happen.  A real estate transaction is not just a string of numbers; it involves much more.  We are all about the people, and the most important person is you.

Larkin Dalpiaz, real estate agent at Wilson Associates, notes the importance of a personal connection in a real estate transaction.   “As agents we offer a personalized service completely tailored to each of our clients. It’s imperative for you to be known so that you can receive the best experience possible. There is no way that a program is going to be able to know that the most important thing to you is that your backyard has enough space to build the firepit you hope to entertain around, that you’ve always wanted a stand-alone bathtub, or that you dream of living within walking distance of your favorite park. Programs cannot celebrate with you, and they certainly can’t advocate for you.” 

A website is a program, not a real estate partner

While an online real estate site is designed to pass you through a process, it isn’t going to walk you through the transaction step-by-step.  We mean that literally:  having a trusted partner walk through a house with you makes a world of difference.  

If you’re selling a home, a website won’t help you stage your house, offer suggestions about more neutral paint colors, or give you the name and number of the best plumber, yard guy, electrician, whatever to fix issues that arise. (Spoiler alert:  issues arise.)   If you’re buying a home, the web doesn’t know a neighbor who lives two streets over and can tell you about the passel of kids the same age as yours that runs gloriously amuck through the streets.  Wilson Associates real estate agents do those things.  We literally walk through the house with you until we get it right.  

“I think an important issue that is missed by many Buyers and Sellers is that there are actually TWO levels of negotiation,” says Laura McDonald, Wilson Associates real estate agent. “ First, you negotiate the contract terms and price.  A professional helps you with comparable sales and strategy on all the other terms included in a contract: inspection period, closing date, percent financing, etc. 

Once you are under contract, you have not finished negotiating.  Next comes inspections and negotiating repairs.  A professional can connect a Buyer with his/her preferred inspectors, can acquire quick inspection dates from those inspectors, can attend the inspections, and can help explain the findings to the Buyer.  

Building Inspector Looking At New Property

If representing the Seller, the professional can also help explain the findings to the Seller and help the Seller locate a contractor to quote and make repairs.  Most importantly, a professional can explain to the Buyer and/or the Seller the inspection and repair rights under the terms of the contract and help either party with negotiating repairs.  Every transaction is different, and an experienced professional can identify the proper strategy to successfully negotiate sale price, contract terms and repair obligations.”

We walk through every step of the process with you, offering our expertise and advice at every turn.  We won’t be overbearing, but we will be there every time you need us.  We will help you think things through and talk things out.  There’s a lot involved, and we’re your partner every step of the way.

A website is a program, not a real estate professional

Online real estate sites are attractive because they’re fast and they’re easy.  Those things matter in today’s world.  We’ve grown accustomed to shopping at home in our pajamas, even shopping for a house.  The Internet has a lot of information in one place, and that can be a good place to start. The problem, though, is that an online real estate site doesn’t have professional experience to bring to your table.  

Online window shopping is one thing, but online real estate transactions are another.  During the real estate transaction, you deserve more than an auto-reply or a chat bot.  Wilson Associates real estate agents are committed to being there with you for every question and concern that arises, offering years of experience at the other end of the line.  Wilson Associates agent Katherine Hall knows that nothing helps the process along like a conversation.  “I still think constant contact is essential. Texts and emails are great, but actual phone conversations are very important.” Communication with a real estate agent is both critical and constant, and we love it.  

Wilson Associates knows the ins and outs of the Greenville housing market.  We have years of experience working with unique situations and amazing people.  We don’t just know the rules, we know the consequences and the benefits, the pitfalls and the prizes.  We don’t exist to make a profit, we exist to make a name for ourselves as the most trusted real estate agents in Greenville, SC.  We are professionals who understand that when we do our job right, you win.  

Wilson Associates is the best of both worlds

The internet offers real estate sites right there at your fingertips 24/7.  We all know, though, that size and convenience don’t necessarily equal quality.  Wilson Associates gives you both:  convenient, nationwide online reach and access and personal, high-quality service and care from an agent who knows the area and wants to know you.  

Susie White, Wilson Associates real estate agent, explains it well:  “A  real estate decision is a huge one for most people, both in terms of money and quality of life, and the entire process (from house hunting or house listing to closing and after) inherently produces lots of emotions, stress, and questions.  A good real estate agent can help you negotiate for the best deal, but more importantly, a good agent can minimize stress, advocate fiercely, leave no questions unanswered.  A great real estate agent can make the entire experience JOYFUL.”  

A real estate site is a program.  Wilson Associates are great real estate agents, professional people who will partner with you through your real estate transaction and sit beside you at the neighborhood cookout.  We care.  That matters.

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