Living in Travelers Rest, SC

Travelers Rest, South Carolina may be one of the Upstate’s best-kept secrets. While still maintaining its identity as a safe, family-friendly community, in recent years TR (as the locals call it) has really come into its own.

The population of TR has increased by more than 15% in the last 10 years. Yet with only approximately 5,000 residents, you’ll never feel crowded living here.

Over the course of the past several years, Travelers Rest has bloomed into a hotspot with plenty of local restaurants, shopping, and excursions for the outdoor nature lover in you. 

Living in Travelers Rest, SC offers residents and visitors alike a smorgasbord of fun activities and events to enjoy.

Fun Things to Do in Travelers Rest, SC

As a family-friendly city, many of the activities TR has to offer are designed for both you and your kiddies to enjoy together.

#1. The Moms of Travelers Rest Group

When you’re raising kids, maintaining a household, and possibly even working at the same time, life can get crazy fast. 

The Moms of Travelers Rest Group (look them up on Facebook) describe themselves as an “inclusive community devoted to finding a  balance between work, family, and health.” Many of us as Wilson Associates are Moms ourselves, which is what makes groups such as these so appealing.

TR is all about community, and you’ll find plenty of groups like this that connect you with like-minded folks at similar stages to you in their lives.

#2. Palmetto Proper

While there are plenty of fun activities to do in the summer in Greenville and Travelers Rest, winters in the Upstate are no slouch either.

But what do you do when it rains, and your little darlings are driving you up the wall?

Palmetto Proper opened its doors in the past year as an indoor playplace for the kids. They have their own pretend grocery store, slides and playground equipment, and much, much more. We’ve taken our children there, and trust us when we say that this place is a dream come true.

With a seating area outside the play area, parents can enjoy a coffee and a place to rest while their kiddies play to their heart’s content.

We just need to convince the good folks who own Palmetto Proper to get themselves a liquor license as well. 😉

#3. The Travelers Rest Farmers Market

Bask in the fresh from the farm eats, live music, and local artisanal crafts at the Travelers Rest Farmers market. 

Open from May-September from 8am-12pm every Saturday, along with Thursday evenings in October from 5pm-8pm, the Travelers Rest Farmers Market is the best way to have a truly local shopping experience in TR.

While the eats cost money, the live music from local bands is completely free.

#4. TRee House Cafe and Studio

When it comes to fun activities to do in Travelers Rest, SC, this one is for the art appreciators.

The TRee House Cafe and Studio is half art studio/half cafe. You can enjoy TRee House’s signature desserts while taking in the art. With its casual environment and ambiance, you’ll be amazed with all the local creativity TR has to offer.

The TRee House Cafe and Studio even has classes for kids. Find out if your toddler is a budding Picasso.

#5. Furman University

No, we’re not encouraging you to go back to school. But check out this aerial photo of Furman’s manicured grounds:

Image Courtesy of Furman University

This is a picture of Furnam’s famous Bell Tower. Surrounded by a walking trail, Furnam is open to the public, and is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic, take a stroll, or just bask in the sunshine.

Located in the heart of TR, Furman University is one of the top liberal arts schools in the country.

Also, despite what we said earlier, we’re also not discouraging you from enrolling there if you want to further your education. Sources tell us that underwater basket weaving is an easy A.

#6. Swamp Rabbit Trail

No list of fun activities to do in Travelers Rest would be complete without mentioning Swamp Rabbit Trail. 

If you’re a transplant to South Carolina, you probably had many reasons for moving here. But we’re sure that one of those reasons was the fantastic weather. 

Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 19.9 mile route that runs from Greenville Technical College to the south, through the heart of downtown Greenville, ending about a mile north of Travelers Rest.

Due to our awesome weather, residents of Travelers Rest can cycle, run, or walk Swamp Rabbit Trail all year long. 

Swamp Rabbit Trail is a big part of the reason that Travelers Rest has experienced such a boom in shopping, eating, and tourism in the first place.

Among all the benefits of living in Travelers Rest, SC, Swamp Rabbit Trail is one of the most important, attracting more than 80,000 tourists to TR every year.

Homes for Sale in Travelers Rest

We don’t know about you, but all of this talk about how great TR is for finding activities has whet our appetite to consider a move.

If you’re thinking about moving to TR, contact one of our agents at Wilson Associates. We have the inside scoop about the best neighborhoods, home prices, and everything else about this traveler’s oasis in the middle of the South Carolina upstate.

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