Top 5 Tips for a Smooth Summer Move

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Summertime, and the living is easy … unless you’re moving, of course.  Moving is exciting, but it is not easy.  And most people who move do so in the summer.  Historical statistics from the US Census Bureau show that 48.4% of all moves take place between June and September.  

It’s understandable that summer is the most popular time to move.  With the year’s rhythm set by a typical school calendar, a longer break allows for the best chance for a smooth transition between grades or between jobs.  Popularity always has a price, though, doesn’t it?  A summer move has unique challenges.  Wilson Associates has seen our friends weather all sorts of them, and here are some things we’ve learned about how to keep your cool in a summertime move.

1. Avoid the busiest times.

We’ve already determined which months are busiest, but we can get even more specific than that.  Weekend mornings at the beginning and the end of the month are the busiest of the busy.  And the last weekend in July of 2021 is estimated to be the busiest of all.  Avoid it – and Memorial Day weekend – if you can.

2. Book your movers ASAP.  

Very rarely is a move just sprung on you.  You generally have plenty of advance notice.  The problem is, though, that moves can be daunting, and procrastination can be tempting.  Our advice?  Resist that temptation.  Making your plans in advance pays off in spades, especially during the busy summer months.  

Most people book their moving help 8 days in advance.  8 days!  That’s crazy.  This is one time when you definitely do not want to be “most people.”  The best moving companies fill up fast.  Rental trucks are based on supply and demand; the earlier you book, the better price you’ll get, and the better chance you’ll get what you need.  Some experts recommend booking 2 months in advance if you’re moving during the peak time.  

3. Gather your supplies early, too.

It’s not just about trucks and movers; the demand applies to other things, too.  Furniture pads, dollies, and boxes are limited resources.  With more people moving, more people need those supplies as well.  This is especially important if you’re doing most of the move yourself.

If you’re looking to save some money along the way, free boxes can be a windfall, and there are lots of ways to find them.  For example, U-Haul has a great (f)re-cycled box program.  The key is to plan ahead so you can take advantage of it.  Start looking for boxes early so you don’t find yourself high and dry (and box-broke) when the heat is on.  

4. Pack for heat

Moving trucks are not climate controlled.  This won’t really matter for most of your possessions, but it can affect some things.  In our opinion, the heat seems to affect the things that increase our quality of life:  wine, vinyl albums, and exposed art are definitely vulnerable.  Heat can also affect sensitive electronics.  Pack accordingly.

5. Keep your cool.

No matter when it happens, a move is stressful.  As much as you can, plan for patience and good, old-fashioned kindness.  Have cool water available for your moving crew.  Bring a smile and a good attitude.  Showing up with a surprise popsicle you stored in your neighbor’s freezer wouldn’t hurt, either.  Slow and steady wins the race … and also helps avoid heatstroke.  

Summer moves might not be easy, but no moves are.  Plan ahead for success, and you’ll be sipping lemonade on your new porch before you know it.

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